Collaborative yet distributed learning for ML and DL models directly on Edge devices.

Computer Vision, Technologies
Artificial Intelligence Computer Vision Deep Learning

Business Overview

Train Deep Learning Models Directly on the Edge!
Edgify’s framework gives any edge unit the ability to run Deep learning and AI training locally, without the need to extract the data to a server or having to pay the network costs of Model building. We call this self training AI.

By training AI models at the edge where the data is generated, one can train on the entire data generated, without compressing, or sampling the data in order to make it easily transferable to the cloud/server, and without the need to anonymise it for privacy reasons. This ability to decentralise the training process, and by doing so, allowing to train on entire datasets, will bring forth a potential new level of accuracy to the world of AI. These new obtainable accuracies can generate both high financial rewards in some verticals (retail, intelligent homes, manufacturing), and life-saving solutions in others (autonomous cars, medical).

Operating Status
September 2014
Business model
Offering type
Funding stage
Total funding
$24 Million
Computer Vision, Technologies


Nadav Israel
AI Expert
Ofri Ben Porat
Serial Entrepreneur

Board Members and Advisors

Alessandra Farnum
Board Observer

Funding Rounds

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Date Announced

Funding Round

Amount Raised


October 2020
$6.5 M
May 2018
Series A
$8 M
September 2016
Series A
$3.1 M

AI Technology Stack

AI Description

We developed the ability to run computationally intensive processes on edge devices with limited CPU and GPU, including solutions for low connectivity, asynchronistic data, and data split into unequal batches. Turn any edge device into a DL training machine! This can be done on any device that is connected and has CPU / GPU such as simple cameras, Cashiers, connected cars, printers, laptops, mobile phones, etc.

AI employees
AI types
Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Machine Learning
AI algorithms
Federated Learning
AI tools
AWS, Caffe, Docker, TensorFlow
Cloud provider
Amazon Web Services

In The News

Edge computing startup Edgify secures $6.5M Seed from Octopus, Mangrove and semiconductor | TechCrunch

October 13, 2020

Israeli startup Edgify raises $6.5M to run distributed ML models at the supermarket | Geektime

October 12, 2020

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