Duality Technologies

Cryptographic, Cyber Security, Data Protection
Artificial Intelligence

Business Overview

Duality’s breakthrough innovative technologies empower Secure Digital Collaboration. Collaboration on data is essential for the success of Digital Transformation in many market sectors, yet barriers such as privacy, IP protection and regulatory hurdles challenge the pace of progress. Duality was founded by world-renowned cryptographers and data science executives with the mission to enable organizations to utilize advanced analysis capabilities while protecting data privacy and digital IP.

Operating Status
November 2016
Business model
Offering type
Funding stage
Series A
Total funding
$20 Million
Cryptographic, Cyber Security, Data Protection, Data Science, Enterprise, Intellectual Property


Duality Technologies
Shafi Goldwasser
Chief Scientist
AI Expert
Duality Technologies
Rina Shainski
Duality Technologies
Kurt R Rohloff
Duality Technologies
Alon Kaufman
Duality Technologies
Vinod Vaikuntanathan
Chief Cryptographer

Board Members and Advisors

Duality Technologies
Yuval Shachar
Board Member
Duality Technologies
Gil Canaani
Board Observer
Duality Technologies
Roi Bar-Kat
Board Member
Duality Technologies
Suchi Saria
Board Advisor
Duality Technologies
Michael Jordan
Board Advisor
Duality Technologies
Daniel J. Weitzner
Board Advisor
Duality Technologies
George Kadifa
Board Advisor
Duality Technologies
Joe Friscia
Board Advisor

Funding Rounds

Calculated as the average ratio between the current funding round amount raised and the previous funding round amount raised. Note that 'plus' rounds are summed together. i.e. Series A = Series A and Series A+.
Funding Growth Multiple

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Date Announced

Funding Round

Amount Raised


October 2019
Series A
$16 M
November 2018
$4 M

AI Technology Stack

AI Description

With Duality’s technology, enterprises can securely collaborate applying advanced analyses and Artificial Intelligence to data while it is encrypted, generating insights without ever exposing the raw data.

AI employees
AI types
Artificial Intelligence

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