The industry’s first data detection and response (DDR) solution, providing real-time visibility, control and protection of your data assets across any cloud. Dig reviews your entire cloud data estate, across all clouds, services and deployment types, discovering shadow data assets and dangerous data remnants and prints that remain in your environment. In doing so, we give you instant visibility into your static data risk, including advanced filtering capabilities on all available cloud security measures. Dig empowers your business units to see and control their data, with governance that covers data owner assignments, risk evaluations and alerts on actions that could violate your organizational compliance standards. Dig’s proprietary policy engine provides real-time protection of your entire cloud data estate. Creating an extensive threat model of all data assets in your public cloud, based on our database of hundreds of real-life attacks, we issue alerts of any security violations and suspicious actions, in minutes. Dig provides full data context on each of your data assets, including data classification by type, level of sensitivity and more, access auditing, data flows and privilege analysis.
October 2021

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