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Jan 2009
B2B, B2C
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Azure PCR provides data analysis solutions to the molecular diagnostics and research markets. The company develops solutions for the analysis of the complex data produced during the qPCR process. The company's technology has streamlined the process of detecting, diagnosing, and tracking infectious diseases by automating the DNA analysis step, greatly speeding up the process, removing the need for specially trained technicians, and eliminating room for error in interpreting results. AccuCall provides data analysis for qPCR, offering reliable, standardized results for positive, negative, quantitation, and CT/Cq. AccuCall can automatically or manually upload an export from a thermocycler and classify, quantify, and export a simple report in seconds.

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AI Technologies

Research Publications

November 2019
Background We undertook a prospective clinical study to evaluate PCR.Ai’s (www.pcr.ai) accuracy and impact when automating the manual data-analysis and quality control steps associated with routine clinical pathogen testing using real-time PCR (qPCR). Objectives We evaluated the impact of PC...

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