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Sep 2020
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Demostack gives your team a super power - the power of tailored demos built on demand. Create standardized demos for any use case that are easily customized by your team in minutes. Your team gets empowered with a growing collection of product marketing assets. You retain control over what gets demoed, how, by whom, and to whom with advanced permissions.Ensure a seamless, world-class demo experience for your team and every opportunity you have to showcase your product with prospects.Create interactive demos in minutes with no code, video recording, or designing required. Your demo looks and feels just like your product, but is completely independent.Personalize every element of your demo to the prospect: copy, visuals, demo data, and entire features. Each prospect see exactly what you want them to see to put your product in the best light.Deliver an issue-free demo experience, and say goodbye to demo anxiety. Your demo loads fast, works offline on any device, and is easily shareable.Analyze product demo usage and effectiveness. Get closer and closer to demo perfection with demo analytics on how prospects engage with, share, and convert on each demo.

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Seed, Series A, Series B

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