We are Datomize, a new startup in the privacy domain, backed up by major industry leaders and fuelled by a passion for data.At Datomize we free the use of personal data for the purpose of business growth and operational optimization.Generating high-quality synthetic data, Datomize offers highly regulated organizations the ability to innovate and monetize. Our solution reduces both time and cost by offering superior platform to allow for effective AI modelling, 3rd party collaboration, testing and development, while meeting privacy compliance requirements. Datomize is able to interpret any data, no matter how complex, uncleansed or high-dimensional it is. We distinguishes important behavioral features within the organization’s data, and synthesize new data set that preserves the main behavioral features identified, such as: feature distributions, entity relationships, correlations between different characteristics, and event sequences. With Datomize you can use synthetic data not just for simple tasks, but for complex tasks too.Datomizes superior quality synthetic data offers the most stringent level of privacy which ensures compliance with privacy regulations (GDPR, CCPA) while preserving the organization’s data. We offers pinnacle privacy and enables insights-driven companies to harness the potential of data and advanced analytics. Our platform, protects privacy, giving our clients piece of mind, so they can get on with business.
January 2020

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