The applications of smart computer are nearly endless, from VR to security and smart stores to autonomous vehicles. But, building Visual AI systems that understand the world around them requires a lot of data – data that can be expensive to collect, hard to annotate, and prone to bias. These gathering processes are expensive and require subsequent data annotation. We see teams working too hard to get data instead of getting data that works for them. A lack of high-quality data should never be the bottleneck to developing amazing technology.Simulated Data is the next generation of synthetic data, designed to supercharge Visual AI learning and development. By blending art and science to simulate the world around us in photo-realistic detail, DataGen is creating Simulated Data solutions that are scalable, bias-free, and automatically annotated. We use hyper-photorealistic imagery and algorithms to generate high variance datasets that reflect the diversity of the human population. These datasets can contain millions of data points of data matched to your specifications. We can even give your data superpowers; metadata like infrared or depth information. This breakthrough technology will change the way the industry gets its data and power the evolving field of Visual AI.
November 2018

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