Computational cell-level models of the human body that turn data into biology and biology into clinical edge






Cells are the quanta unit of biology the keys to understanding and defeating disease. CytoReason knows cells. With one of the worlds largest libraries of human molecular data, and a model to make that data accessible and useful, CytoReason builds unique computational cell-level models of the human body that accurately and rapidly transform data into biological insights that advance pharmaceutical RandD, and help manage disease. This is why the worlds leading pharmaceutical companies work with us helping them to discover, develop and deliver better therapies for the patients that need them.

Shai Shen-OrrProfessor
David HarelMr

RoundDate AnnouncedInvestors
CytoReason raises $20 millionSeptember 20, 20221

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CytoReason has developed a continually learning AI-led biological discovery platform that unlocks the door to molecular-level learnings from normally confidential clinical trial data, gathered from across the industry – delivering significant value to pharma/biotech target discovery and drug development programs. The machine learning driven molecular level disease models, that lie at the heart of the platform, gain accuracy and predictive power with each new data set integrated – driving RandD success by transforming human clinical data into patentable biological discoveries in the form of novel disease targets, indication expansion, combination discovery and new biomarkers.

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