CyberInts Managed Detection and Response offering services are based on ArgosTM – CyberInts proven real time digital risk protection platform – consulting and managed services as well as a strong cyber-expert multi lingual analyst team. Serving customers spanning globally and include cyber-secured customers from retail, finance, e-commerce, and gaming industries. Security challenges differ between industries and CyberInt facilitates companies in taking a proactive outside – in approach to cybersecurity. CyberInts nuanced understanding of different industries vis-a-vis the rapid growth of attack vectors and sophistication reflects expertise in working with companies of any size and nature to provide continuous monitoring, detection and immediate responses to threats and vulnerabilities. To address real-time threats, and reduce fraud rate, and protect brands, CyberInt utilizes early prevention of brand abuse to avoid crises or downtime, with powerful intelligence-led forensic tools to investigate and respond and contain to never-before-seen attacks in real time. before they materialize.
January 2009

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