Conversation Intelligence Platform for Sales Teams

Call Performance, Enterprise, Sales
Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Natural Language Processing

Business Overview

Chorus helps your team make decisions using the insights you’d get if you were sitting in on every sales or customer success call.

We founded Chorus to understand what influences conversation outcomes, and make it easy to learn from and influence the thousands of conversations your team has.

Today, almost all of those conversations and the insights they contain are forgotten the second they end, except for the few notes captured in your CRM. We’re changing that.

We are a tight-knit team of world-class scientists, engineers and product designers, and are working with a wide variety of data-driven public and high-growth companies.

We’re passionate about voices, language, technology and results, and can’t wait to find the moments in conversations that matter to you and your team.

Operating Status
January 2015
Business model
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Funding stage
Series C
Business stage
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Revenue Generating
Total funding
$100.3 Million
Call Performance, Enterprise, Sales

Russell Levy
Roy Raanani

Board Members and Advisors
Daniel Barber
Board Advisor
Gordon Ritter
Board Member
Tomasz Tunguz
Board Member
Santi Subotovsky
Board Member
Simon Chong
Board Member
Greg Holmes
Board Member
Meagen Eisenberg
Board Advisor
Ray Carroll
Board Advisor
Russ Hearl
Board Advisor
Andrew Riesenfeld
Board Advisor
Ryan O’Nell
Board Advisor
Brennan O’Donnell
Board Advisor
Trish Bertuzzi
Board Advisor
Matt Cameron
Board Advisor

Funding Rounds

Calculated as the average ratio between the current funding round amount raised and the previous funding round amount raised. Note that 'plus' rounds are summed together. i.e. Series A = Series A and Series A+.
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AI Technology Stack

AI employees
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Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing
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Unsupervised Learning
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Amazon Web Services

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