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Business Overview

CathWorks is a medical technology company focused on applying its advanced computational science platform to optimize Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) therapy decisions and elevate coronary angiography from visual assessment to an objective FFR-based decision-making tool for physicians.

FFR-guided PCI decision-making is proven to provide significant clinical benefits for patients with coronary artery disease and economic benefits for patients and payers. Our focus today is specifically on bringing the CathWorks FFRangio™ System to market to provide quick, precise, and objective intraprocedural wire-free FFR guidance that is practical for every case.

Operating Status
January 2003
Business model
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Hardware, Software
Funding stage
Series D
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Revenue Generating
Total funding
$80 Million
2D 3D, 3D, Healthcare, Medical Imaging


Ifat Lavi
AI Expert
Guy Lavi
Serial Entrepreneur
AI Expert

Board Members and Advisors

Michal Geva
Board Member

Funding Rounds

Calculated as the average ratio between the current funding round amount raised and the previous funding round amount raised. Note that 'plus' rounds are summed together. i.e. Series A = Series A and Series A+.
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January 2021
Series D
$30 M
February 2019
Series C
$30 M

AI Technology Stack

AI Description

The CathWorks FFRangio™ System combines routine angiograms and advanced computational science to give you a powerful and practical CAD decision tool.

During the procedure, an AI-based platform transforms 2D angiograms into an accurate digital 3D model of the coronary tree. Advanced algorithms evaluate blockages, 3D QCA, and flow resistance along each vessel. Using proven scientific principles, a rapid pressure-flow analysis calculates FFR values at every point in the tree, revealing segments that may need intervention.

AI types
Computer Vision, Deep Learning
AI tasks

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