Managing low-skilled workers is an ever-growing challenge. Efficiency and inferior service levels immediately reflect on the bottom line Existing systems (ERP, CRM) and detailed written procedures do not provide adequate functionality and predictability.As the turnover of people who execute consumer-facing and other tasks are high, the need to micromanage the workforce poses constant destruction. Bravo provides a unique platform that translates manual procedures into machine monitored workflows. The result is accurate, reliable, and highly scalable elastic workforce management. The product can easily be deployed for hospitality and eventmanagement, security, and healthcare as well as many other traditional, less digitized verticals. Bravo is looking to transform the workforce management world. It is already showing unique value through its deployments and looking for investment to make the next leap forward. Bravos next generation platform will provide a complete end-to-end solution based on technological advancements, data never collected before, and accumulated experience from the field. – We Believe in Working Smarter
September 2015

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