Belkin Vision

Formerly known as Belkin Laser

BELKIN Laser is developing an automated one-second laser device, aimed at revolutionizing accessibility to glaucoma care worldwide. Treatment is aimed at revolutionizing accessibility to glaucoma care by becoming the first-line choice for glaucoma therapy for every patient, all over the world. BELKIN Laser is addressing the growing disparity between the enormous number of glaucoma patients (67M) and the limited number of ophthalmologists (212.000), by enabling the doctor to treat many more patients. BELKINs innovative technology is applicable for the prevalent Open Angle Glaucoma (OAG, 70% of total glaucoma patients) and it will pioneer laser treatment for Angle Closure Glaucoma (ACG, 30%), which is most common among Asian populations. The innovative solution provides treatment that is patient friendly – non-invasive, non-contact, instantaneous and painless.
April 2013
Hardware, Software

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