Video Compression

Analytics, Edge Computing, Hardware
AI-Optimized Hardware Computer Vision Deep Learning

Business Overview

Axon Vision is a leading Embedded AI startup, offering groundbreaking compression capabilities based on AI algorithms. We bring an out of the box approach to video compression, mimicking the way the human visual system works with the brain to decide what is important and what is not. Humans do this to cope with the abundance of visual data in the world. Axon does this to enable a whole new world of cognitive vision applications. Today, our products are deployed in critical applications at municipalities, strategic facilities, commercial institutions and military locations. We are solving challenging problems we haven’t even dreamed of only a few years ago!

Operating Status
June 2017
Business model
Offering type
Hardware, Software
Business stage
Analytics, Edge Computing, Hardware, Image, Technologies, Video, Video Recognition

AI Technology Stack

AI Description

Developing and training deep learning models for security needs.

AI employees
AI application
Horizontal AI
AI types
AI-Optimized Hardware, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Natural Language Generation, Natural Language Processing, Robotics
ML types
Reinforcement Learning, Semi-Supervised Learning, Supervised Learning, Unsupervised Learning
AI algorithms
Bayesian Networks, Clustering, Decision Trees, Fuzzy C-Means, Genetic Algorithms, Inductive Logic Programming, K-Means, Learning Classifier System, Naive Bayes Classifiers, Nearest Neighbor, Neural Networks, Representation Learning, Rule-Based, Semantic Feature Space, Support Vector Machines (SVM)
AI tools
Caffe, Keras, MXNet, Pybrain, Pytorch/Torch, Scikit-Learn, TensorFlow
C++, Python, R
AI hardware

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