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4.4 years

Axilion Smart Mobility enables cities around the globe to reclaim their traffic-congested streets by harnessing advanced AI technology that transforms traffic signals into a dynamic and adaptive traffic network. Axilion transforms standard traffic signals to become intelligent car connected IoT devices. With our software and services, we dramatically reduce transit operators travel time (Light Rail and Bus Rapid Transit), optimize traffic flow in intersections with dynamic green waves, grow transit ridership as we streamline public transit in the lights, with minimal impact on other road users. In the Jerusalem light rail (LRT) throughout 69 signalized intersections, we streamlined trams with our TSP reducing travel time by 40%, increased ridership by 400%, while cutting fleet costs by 33%. Jerusalem recently selected Axilion for the expansion in 3 new tram lines and 250 signalized intersections. At Haifa Metronit (BRT) throughout 110 signalized intersections, we increased average bus speed by 30%, ridership by 100% and reduced the operator OandM by $7M/year. Haifa has also recently standardize all intersection planning with Axilion. Cities deploy Axilion for public transit and then expand to all signalized intersections in the city, as we dramatically improve traffic flow. Our Adaptive Traffic Network solutions empower municipalities with real-time command and control, V2X traffic signal communications to vehicles, with plans to evolve to congestion management and prediction facilitating city-wide dynamic toll pricing. Axilion software and services solutions are deployed in over 15 cities including Israel Europe and the USA. With seamless integration, Axilion green and innovative solution is a key component for cities who wish to take the first step towards a true smart city.

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Founders (2)

hiddenIlan Weizman
CTOAI Expert
hiddenOran Dror
CEOSerial Entrepreneur

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RoundDateCapital RaisedValuationInvestors
September 2019

M&A Events (1)

November 2020

Investors (7)

InvestorInvestor TypeLocation
hiddenShlomo Group
hiddenShy Datika
hiddenArik Steinberg
hiddenMark Joseph
hiddenJohn Casesa
hiddenthe Shmeltzer family
hiddenJohn Porcari

Patents (2)

Patent TitleStatusDatePatent ID
November 2020

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AI and deep learning software and SaaD services reduce transit operator’s travel time by 40% and increase ridership by 400%. Axilion is the only solution that applies innovative AI technology through a city-wide hardware agnostic abstraction layer. This powerful algorithm enables cities to maximize their current infrastructure’s effectiveness via a universal language that is seamlessly integrated throughout multiple networks with a click of a button, for unified communication and smart optimization.

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