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Series B



Audioburst is an AI-powered audio content platform that automates the process of indexing, organizing, and discovering audio segments in real-time. Audioburst listens to millions of minutes of live and prerecorded audio content each day, transforming them into searchable bursts wrapped with rich metadata. Audioburst offers a truly personalized listening experience across platforms. User profiles, or Listening Identities, learn and adapt to each user based on their unique consumption patterns and preferences. Each user experience is completely customized and distinct from any other.

Investor NameInvestor TypeAUM ($)
2B AngelsVenture Capital0
Advanced Media0
Elron VenturesCompany0
Flint CapitalVenture Capital100,000,000
Nippon Broadcasting System0
Samsung VenturesCorporate Venture Capital0


At Audioburst we’re building the world’s first live audio content search engine. Utilizing machine learning algorithms and deep learning practices to power our AI engine as it records, transcribes, segments, tags and indexes radio broadcasts and podcasts in real time, we provide unprecedented instantaneous access to the latest aural information.

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