In AQUALITAS we believe that real-time water quality monitoring must become prevalent everywhere across the water cycle to keep our water safe and protect our health and our environment. AQUALITAS develops an innovative multi-parameter water quality monitoring platform with an integrated AI for continuous cost-effective and low maintenance monitoring of water systems. Water-intensive industries, water distribution systems, wastewater treatment plants, and agriculture require monitoring of water quality, but real-time water quality monitoring is still a challenge as current solutions require high investment and are maintenance-heavy resulting in low-quality data that is not reliable enough to draw operational conclusions. Our team consists of PhDs in the fields of physics, nanotechnology, and chemistry. We led international research projects with leading universities in Europe, the US, and Israel, and held technology management and advanced RandD positions. We bring years of our research experience in molecular spectroscopy along with the development experience of water management systems to create a simple and reliable water quality monitoring system. ï¿
June 2020
Hardware, Software

Georgy Maikov
Serial Entrepreneur

Deep Learning, Machine Learning
Anomaly Detection
Classification, Clustering, Dimensionality Reduction, Time Series Analysis

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