Personal Productivity Solution

Assistant, Mobile, Productivity
Artificial Intelligence

Business Overview

More than 20 million people worldwide rely on to stay organized and get more done. is an all-in-one productivity solution, combining calendar, tasks, lists, reminders and a an assistant that tackles your to-do’s for you. All with real-time sync across devices.

Operating Status
November 2011
Offering type
Funding stage
Private Equity
Total funding
$7.5 Million
Assistant, Mobile, Productivity, Scheduling

Funding Rounds

Calculated as the average ratio between the current funding round amount raised and the previous funding round amount raised. Note that 'plus' rounds are summed together. i.e. Series A = Series A and Series A+.
Funding Growth Multiple

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Date Announced

Funding Round

Amount Raised


August 2016
Private Equity
June 2014
Series B
April 2014
Convertible Note
$3 M

AI Technology Stack

AI employees
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Artificial Intelligence

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