Software Development Kit For Commercial VR/AR Platforms and Tools.

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Jan 2014
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For some AR/VR applications (e.g. gaming) the visual quality is critical for immersion. The superimposed content over the real world must appear so realistic and integrative to be part of the real-world scene. Unfortunately, with the conventional raster graphics, the photo-realistic AR visualization is still in its infancy. Virtual objects look fake and out of place, they do not integrate naturally with the environment, their lighting is often incorrect for environment, solid objects do not look solid, materials look physically incorrect.We replace the mediocre AR/VR graphics by immersive, film quality graphics. As reference for Adshir disruptive achievement, today's benchmark for high quality computer generated realism is found only in the film industry, and is enabled through the use of Ray Tracing. By example, by using traditional Ray Tracing, special realism was achieved in the movie "Avatar" where each single frame took hours, and was produced in a facility with 40,000 computer processors. Ray tracing is one of the most complex applications, due to massive traversals of huge accelerating structures. Our patented technology excludes accelerating structures, drastically reducing the complexity. The resulting image quality is the same, but at a real time performance and at a fraction of the power. This makes our technology suitable for low cost consumer platforms (laptops, mobiles). The product is a Software Development Kit, supporting all commercial VR/AR platforms, and pluggable to major graphics tools like Unity and Unreal. We believe that our technology is the only way to achieve real immersion in AR/VR. It is currently protected by 20 US patents (incl. 10 issued patents). As it was put by Jon Peddie, the leading analyst of the graphics industry: Adshir has the potential of becoming the new standard of the AR graphics industry. The unique user experience created through the AR technology is the major factor for the adoption of AR gaming in the mobile gaming industry. Technavio, April 2017.



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