Detecting and responding to weapon attacks in public spaces is at the top of the mind for security workforces in public space environments such as smart cities, transport hubs and border control.A rapidly growing, $2.5 Billion market for artificial intelligence (AI) based weapons detection solutions helps operators detect threats in near real-time and allows them to respond effectively. While gun detection systems have improved with AI, current cloud based solutions position a tradeoff between system performance due to poor cloud uplink bandwidth and costs. As AIs rely on large image resolutions to make accurate weapon detection, they unfortunately require massive computing power as well as complex and expensive integrations.In response to this need, 1702ai built a military grade video analytics platform that detects weapons in real-time in less than 0.01 second. It is powered by the latest machine learning technologies, computer vision and state of the art first responder security protocols. Additionally, 1702ai is also NATO compliant as it uses both software and hardware free of any spyware. By processing high resolution images at the source, 1702ai is positioned to deliver dramatically higher detection accuracy and range, at a fraction of the price of its competitors. 1702ai leverages existing IT infrastructures and video cameras. It acts as a second pair of eyes that never goes on a break. It makes security personnel more efficient and effective.1702ai is led by Joachim Levy, (CEO) since its founding a leading image post-processing expert that served several major Los Angeles based motion picture studios which eventually led his work being Oscar nominated. Topped by a partnership with the European Union, 1702ai is at the forefront of real-time video analytics weapon detection.
January 2017

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