Sorted and Sifted Machine Learning – with Anthony Goldbloom

Are you up to solving a machine learning problem? If so, start on Kaggle. Anthony Goldbloom, co-founder and CEO of Kaggle, joins us to talk about what it takes to found a machine learning community. We answer the question of what happens when you cross a domain expert with a pragmatic problem solver. Anthony talks about the future of AI and computer vision, how important it is to learn through doing and what he is looking forward to in the next year.

I’m Gil Elbaz, Co-founder and CTO of Datagen. In this podcast, I speak with interesting computer vision thinkers and practitioners. I ask the big questions that touch on the issues and challenges that ML and CV engineers deal with every day. On the way, I hope you uncover a new subject or gain a different perspective, as well as enjoying engaging conversation. It’s about much more than the technical processes – it’s about people, journeys, and ideas. Turn up the volume, insights inside.