Solvo Launches Game-Changer Generative AI for Cloud Security, SecurityGenie Staff

solvo unveils generative ai for cloud security, securitygenie. credit - solvo

Israeli cloud security startup Solvo unveiled their latest product, SecurityGenie, a cloud security solution powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Large Language Models (LLM). It enables security teams to obtain immediate and precise responses to cloud security queries while simultaneously suggesting remediation tactics, thereby enhancing security postures and bypassing laborious manual searches.

The announcement comes at a crucial time when cloud security breaches pose severe risks to companies, taking an average of 277 days to detect with human error responsible for 85% of these incidents. SecurityGenie, built on the OpenAI foundational models, leverages NLP technology, to offer a ChatGPT-like chatbot to help users quickly identify and mitigate security risks, such as misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and compliance violations.

SecurityGenie operates as a security engineer’s genie in a bottle, answering questions regarding cloud security resources, networks, databases, entitlements, and identities. The tool scans the environment in an instant to provide comprehensive answers. A question as simple as, “Who has access to my sensitive data?” or a more complex one such as “What critical security and compliance violations were detected in the past 24 hours?” will elicit a detailed response from SecurityGenie, including the vulnerabilities’ severity, remediation steps, and non-compliance issues.

The tool not only provides precise information, graphs, and remediation code but can also implement new guardrails for enhanced security. As per Solvo’s research, SecurityGenie is projected to save each security engineer an average of 3.5 hours weekly, boosting their confidence in maintaining a secure cloud posture.

Manual searches, deemed ineffective by 70% of organizations, consume a substantial 20% of security teams’ time. However, there is a willingness amongst 70% of firms to adopt automated cloud security solutions, further highlighting the need for tools like SecurityGenie.

Tailored to an organization’s unique needs, SecurityGenie integrates seamlessly with various environments, including AWS, Azure, GCP, or hybrid setups.

Solvo joins a long list of Israeli startups and companies integrating Generative AI and LLMs into their product offerings, particularly in the realm of cyber security, like Perception Point, OX Security, BigID, Orca Security, and SentinelOne. A full list is available here.

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