Solving Autonomous Driving at Scale – with Vijay Badrinarayanan, VP of AI, Wayve

In this episode of Unboxing AI, meet Vijay Badrinarayanan, the VP of AI at Wayve, and learn about Wayve’s end-to-end machine learning approach to self-driving. Along the way, Vijay shares what it was like working for Magic Leap in the early days, and relates the research journey that led to SegNet.
00:47 Guest Intro 02:38 Academia & Classic Computer Vision 08:56 PostDoc @ Cambridge – Road scene segmentation 18:42 Technical Challenges Faced During Early Deep Computer Vision 20:24 Meeting Alex Kendall; SegNet 25:15 Transition from Academia to Production Computer Vision at Magic Leap 27:09 Deep Eye-Gaze Estimation at Magic Leap 33:21 Joining Wayve 36:09 AV 1.0: First-gen autonomy 40:08 On Tesla LIDARs and their unique approach to AV 46:37 Wayve’s AV 2.0 Approach 48:42 Programming By Data / Data-as-Code 51:02 Addressing the Long Tail Problem in AV 53:13 Powering AV 2.0 with Simulation 58:30 Re-simulation, Closing the Loop & Testing Neural Networks 1:01:44 The Future of AI and Advanced Approaches 1:11:50 Are there other 2.0s? Next industries to revolutionize 1:13:48 Next Steps for Wayve 1:14:59 Human-level AI 1:16:35 Career Tips for Computer Vision Engineers
– On The Guest – Vijay Badrinarayanan LinkedIn: Twitter: Google Scholar:
– About Wayve AV 2.0 Technical Thesis – Reimagining an autonomous vehicle:
– SegNet Vijay & Alex Kendall together with Roberto Cipolla release a revolutionary paper on segmentation with a novel and practical deep fully convolutional NN architecture for semantic pixel-wise segmentation
– Good NeRF explainer here:
– DALL-E 2
– StyleGAN2
Vijay Badrinarayanan is VP of AI at Wayve, a company pioneering AI technology to enable autonomous vehicles to drive in complex urban environments. He has been at the forefront of deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI) research and product development from the inception of the new era of deep learning driven AI. His joint research work in semantic segmentation conducted in Cambridge University, along with Alex Kendall, CEO of Wayve, is one of the highly cited publications in deep learning. As Director of Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) at Magic Leap Inc., California he led R&D teams to deliver impactful first of its kind deep neural network driven products for power constrained Mixed Reality headset applications. As VP of AI, Vijay aims to deepen Wayve’s investment in deep learning to develop the end-to-end learnt brains behind Wayve’s self-driving technology. He is actively building a vision and learning team at Mountain View, CA focusing on actively researched AI topics such as representation learning, simulation intelligence and combined vision and language models with a view towards making meaningful product impact and bringing this cutting-edge approach to AVs to market.
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