Sightful Debuts AR Laptop with a Fresh $33 Million Funding Round Staff

homepage screenshot of sightful's augmented reality display laptop. credit - sightful.

Sightful (formerly Multinarity) has launched the first Augmented Reality (AR) laptop, Spacetop. Spacetop uses AR to expand beyond the physical limits of standard laptops, offering a virtual workspace designed by the user, enhancing productivity and creativity. All this is available in a portable laptop form. The startup also announced another $33 million in funding, following its Seed round of $28 million last year.

Spacetop marks the beginning of a significant shift in the traditional laptop experience, aligning it with modern, flexible working practices and privacy needs.

homepage screenshot of sightful's augmented reality display laptop bundle. credit - sightful.
Homepage screenshot of Sightful’s Augmented Reality laptop bundle. Credit: Sightful.

Designed for the “work from anywhere” mindset, Spacetop uses AR to create a portable office environment. With a 100-inch virtual canvas, users can design a clutter-free, organized workspace. Unlike standard 13″-16″ screens, Spacetop allows users to keep all their key applications visible and accessible, overlaying the real world.

Spacetop’s key features include:

  • Intuitive Augmented Reality: It operates like a traditional laptop, with an AR expansion that doesn’t require additional hardware or software.
  • Limitless Digital Workspace: Users can take a multi-monitor setup anywhere, allowing flexible work from any location.
  • Privacy by Design: Work done on Spacetop’s workspace, known as the Canvas, is invisible to others, offering enhanced privacy.

Spacetop collaborates with Wistron and NReal to deliver an immersive AR experience with clear, high-resolution displays. It allows users to engage with all web applications while maintaining real-world interaction.

Early adopters can apply to join the Spacetop Early Access program, with an initial limit of 1,000 invites

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