Sheba Medical Center Selects Two Digital Startups for Integration into Newly Expanded Rehabilitation Ward

Sheba Medical Center

ARC Innovation and Sheba Medical Center, Israel’s largest medical center and a Newsweek ranked world’s best hospital for the last five years, announced today the integration of technology developed by two startups, Cognishine and Kemtai, to augment healthcare in the hospital’s newly expanded rehabilitation ward.

Sheba Medical Center is home to Israel’s largest rehabilitation hospital. Amid the Israel-Hamas war, Sheba expanded the hospital with the addition of a new state-of-the-art 36-bed ward to treat wounded soldiers. The new ward leverages a range of innovative digital medical technologies to augment medical staff capabilities and improve overall quality of care.

“Now is the time to innovate. During the COVID pandemic, Sheba created innovative solutions to save lives and helped set the health protocols for the rest of the world,” said Prof. Eyal Zimlichman, Chief Transformation Officer and Chief Innovation Officer at Sheba Medical Center and Director and Founder of ARC Innovation. “Times of crisis present an opportunity to accelerate innovation and transformation in care. And this is exactly what we are setting out to do, given the immense need for rehabilitation in Israel at this time.”

To maximize the effectiveness of the new ward, Sheba called upon Israel’s startup ecosystem, inviting health tech companies to submit solutions for potential use in the rehab hospital. Out of 82 companies that applied to the project, eight were selected to pitch their solutions to a panel of Sheba clinicians and industry leaders. Out of these eight companies, Cognishine and Kemtai were selected to begin a pilot program at Sheba, with the aim of incorporating the solutions into day-to-day rehab treatment.

Cognishine’s digital platform supports therapists in providing effective care for cognitive, emotional, speech and language disorders. Digitizing traditional therapeutic processes, the company offers a wide range of activities based on real-world scenarios to help patients to regain cognitive, speech and social-emotional capabilities.

“Cognishine extends the reach of medical professionals, enabling them to continue providing care through digitized therapeutic activities aiding cognitive abilities,” said Nimrod Zilkha, Co-Founder & CEO of Cognishine. “We are honored to play a role alongside Sheba helping soldiers recover from the war and get back to their daily lives.”

Kemtai is an AI-powered exercise platform for physical therapy and rehab, compatible with most phones and computers. The app provides real-time feedback and corrective guidance during exercise, enabling patients to improve their performance and accelerate recovery.

“Kemtai is enabling patients to fully adhere to their rehabilitation exercises with AI-guided, real-time guidance, helping achieve the best possible outcomes,” said Dr. Mor Amitai, CEO of Kemtai. “Our pilot at Sheba will see even more patients with physical limitations recover through augmented exercise.”

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