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ChatGPT recently introduced a new feature, “shared links”, streamlining the way users share their AI conversations. The feature allows users to generate a unique URL for a ChatGPT conversation, which can then be shared with friends, colleagues, and collaborators. Users can preview the conversation snapshot they’re about to send and choose to share it with their name or anonymously. The new feature is available only on the ChatGPT website, with plans to extend it to the iOS app soon.

ShareGPT, a Chrome extension developed by Steven Tey and Dom Eccleston, ran its course and was the go-to tool for sharing ChatGPT conversations. It allowed users to generate a URL for a specific conversation, which could then be shared on platforms like Twitter.

With a sudden rise of third-party applications leveraging ChatGPT, most aimed to provide functionalities that weren’t available in the official OpenAI offerings. Many of them, features to plug.

The landscape also dramatically changed for dozens of ChatGPT powered apps that hit the app store over the past six months, with the introduction of OpenAI’s official ChatGPT iOS apps. The app currently ranks first in the App Store, cross-countries. Some of the long-list of ChatGPT Plugins may fall before OpenAI’s new features as well.

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