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December 2021
High-resolution automotive radar sensors are required to meet the high bar of autonomous vehicle needs and regulations. However, current radar systems are limited in their angular resolution, causing a technological gap. An industry and academic trend to improve angular resolution by increasing t...

December 2021
Background The research and dissemination of smartphones-based apps to deliver coaching and psychological driven intervention had seen a great surge in recent years. Notably, Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT) protocols were shown to be uniquely effective in treating symptoms for both depression...
July 2018
Background: Estimating pain stimuli in the anesthetized patient can be difficult when based solely upon physiological parameters, especially when vasopressors are used as well. There is an increasing interest during general anesthesia to understand how optimal anesthesia changes by the level of...
September 2020
Repeated blood pressure (BP) measurements allow better control of hypertension. Current measurements rely on cuff-based devices. The aim of the present study was to compare BP measurements using a novel cuff-less photoplethysmography-based device to a standard sphygmomanometer device. Males and f...

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