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August 2021
Background On July 30, 2021, a third (booster) dose of the Pfizer BNT162b2 vaccine was approved in Israel for individuals 60 years or older who had been fully vaccinated (i.e., received two doses) at least five months previously. Here, we estimate the reduction in relative risk for confirmed infe...
March 2015
Bacterial and viral infections are often clinically indistinguishable, leading to inappropriate patient management and antibiotic misuse. Bacterial-induced host proteins such as procalcitonin, C-reactive protein (CRP), and Interleukin-6, are routinely used to support diagnosis of infection. Howev...
March 2021
Animals in the wild are able to subsist on pathogen-infected and poisonous food and show immunity to various diseases. These may be due to their microbiota, yet we have a poor understanding of animal microbial diversity and function. We used metagenomics to analyze the gut microbiota of over 180 ...
April 2019
Background: The 2015 ACMG/AMP sequence variant interpretation guidelines provided a framework for classifying variants based on several benign and pathogenic evidence criteria. Recently, ClinGen has intro-duced several expert gene/disease panels to establish more specific clas-sification recommen...

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