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July 2013
Pauses regulate the rhythm of ribosomal protein synthesis. Mutations disrupting even minor pauses can give rise to improperly formed proteins and human disease. Such minor pauses are difficult to characterize by ensemble methods, but can be readily examined by single-molecule (sm) approaches. Her...
October 2020
Accurate and continuous monitoring of critically ill patients is frequently achieved using invasive catheters, which is technically complex. Our purpose was to evaluate the validity and accuracy of a photoplethysmography (PPG)-based remote monitoring device compared to invasive methods of arteria...
May 2016
We read with interest the review article by ten Oever et al., on immune response-derived biomarkers in the differential diagnosis of inflammatory disorders1 and the related comment by van der Does et al., who reported a retrospective study indicating that TRAIL and IP-10 represent candidates for ...
June 2017
CD55 (complement decay-accelerating factor) inhibits the alternative and classical arms of the complement pathway. Three patients with protein-losing enteropathy and a genetic variant predicted to result in loss of function of CD55 had a response to eculizumab.

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