SavorEat, which has developed unique technology to produce custom made meat alternatives, is presenting it to the general public for the first time ever

Savoreat team

For the first time in the world, the Food Tech company SavorEat reveals its technological solution to digitally manufacture meat alternatives from plant-based proteins. As part of its collaboration with one of the leading hamburger chains in Israel, BBB, SavorEat’s products will be served to customers at designated locations of the chain. As part of the reveal, the public will be able to gain a first-hand impression of the revolutionary solution, which changes the rules of the game in the restaurant and culinary fields. The solution allows the preparation and grilling of personalized burgers that meet the customer’s preferences and are prepared at the catering point. The first product to hit the market is a meat alternative burger. With the intention of expanding the product range to all categories and target audiences, the company is working on developing additional products.

Savoreat hamburger
SavorEat’s plant-based hamburger. Credit: SavorEat.

The technology developed by SavorEat is designed to change, for the first time, the balance of power between the food industry and consumers and allows the consumer to control the food production process and the served meal. The solution the company developed, based on a Robot Chef, allows digital production at the catering points (on-site) according to the customer’s requirements and desires without compromising on taste and quality. The meat alternatives produced by the Robot Chef within a few minutes are made in a closed system (without human touch) and are designed to exclude allergens, products of genetic engineering or gluten, while preserving high nutritional values ​​and without compromising the familiar eating experience of meat (both in taste and texture). Along with meeting the needs of the end-consumer, the communication between the customer, the catering chain and the robot is performed by an application that stores data in a secure way on the cloud – a feature that allows great flexibility in updating recipes, remote control of the robot on the one hand, and collecting relevant consumer and business information on the other.

As part of the taste tests held by the company this year, SavorEat received a higher score than the bar set for the industry. The ability to allow the customer to customize their dish at the catering point promotes a revolution in the food industry with a solution for personalized nutrition, which allows, at this stage, to choose the amount of fat and protein, and change the size and cooking preference of the chosen meal.

BBB group will market SavorEat’s hamburger and its technological solution for several weeks at designated locations throughout the country. The group, which is considered a leader in its field in Israel, was established over 20 years ago and runs a franchise with several different chains at 100 locations and restaurants across Israel, including: BBB, Moses, Burgerim, Moses Shop and the Meat Deli delicatessen chain.

Racheli, Hauva & Ilan
Racheli Vizman, Ahuva Turgeman and Ilan Pinchas, (left to right). Credit Shai Masinter.

“From the beginning we believed that the food industry is in need of significant changes in order to remain relevant,” said Racheli Vizman, SavorEat CEO and Co-Founder. “We choose to boldly look at the changes of our future and to challenge the status quo in the food industry. Through the technology we have developed, we will be able to get to know our customers better, respect them and give expression to their changing needs. Now is the time for change, and it is more fitting than ever. With the help of the unique partners we have chosen, we believe we will achieve these goals and reach international commercialization. This is the stage to thank the team at BBB who demonstrated confidence in our vision and technology and walked along us on this journey. We are looking forward to the Israeli public being the first to taste the future, and are happy to take this first step with BBB.”

“The BBB Group’s values ​​include innovation, excellence and a business mindset,” said Ahuva Turgeman, CEO and one of the owners of the BBB restaurant chain. These values ​​are reflected in the collaboration with SavorEat. The idea that for the first time ever, a customer can come to a meat-oriented hamburger restaurant, and with a push of a button on an app order a juicy, digitally manufactured, vegan burger is nothing short of revolutionary and creates an extraordinary and unforgettable experience. We believe that an organization that doesn’t constantly strive forward, will eventually be left behind. This is why we are constantly engaged in identifying and developing sustainable, high-quality, and nutritious products that will provide a diverse solution for all of our guests. We thank Racheli Vizman and the entire team for this fruitful cooperation. “

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