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Companies that rely on our data and dealflow


We source our data from a combination of startups’ contributions and inimitable, rigorous research. We are the most accurate database covering Israeli-related startups. You will not find inactive startups labelled as active, like all the other data providers. Teams of analysts pale in comparison to our data’s accuracy. And we don’t partner with investor groups, it’s completely objective data. When a new startup is discovered, it’s immediately added. This is the reason why hundreds of investors rely on our database to supplement their dealflow. No longer do you need a mature, clandestine network with fellow investors, law firms and accounting firms to gain access to germinating AI unicorns. 

We believe Artificial Intelligence technology will permeate all startups’ offering in order for them to gain competitive advantages. We bet on that in 2017 and were the first to make that claim. After our first report of Israel’s AI Startup Landscape, almost every investor began to catch on and subscribe to the power of AI. For that reason, we believed the nuances in the level of usage of AI technology was of high importance. That’s where the AI technology stack comes into play. On, we are the only and original publisher of startups usage of AI technology, including what type of AI technology, the type of Machine Learning technology, the Algorithms, the Cloud provider, the Hardware, the AI Tasks and the Coding languages. Lastly, we count the number of AI employees employed at the startup. With visibility on startups’ AI Technology Stack, you can discern how formidable a startups’ technology actually is.

We don’t offer refunds. Once you gain access to our meagerly priced Pro plan, you have unlimited access to our data.

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