RAAAM Memory Secures $4M Seed for On-Chip Memory

RAAAM Memory
RAAAM Memory

Israeli semiconductor startup, RAAAM Memory Technologies, closed a $4 million Seed funding round from Serpentine Ventures, J-Ventures, HackCapital, Silicon Catalyst Angels, and Claves Investments.

RAAAM Memory is advancing a cost-efficient, on-chip memory technology. Their GCRAM technology, which uses 50% less area and consumes five times less power than traditional high-density SRAM, aims to transform SoC design by providing an alternative that could significantly reduce die size.

RAAAM’s GCRAM technology, particularly relevant for AI and ML applications where on-chip memory demands are high, uses only 3 transistors per bit of data, as opposed to the 6-8 required by current SRAM tech, which could greatly reduce both space and power needs.

RAAAM was founded in 2021 by Robert Giterman, Alex Fish, Adam Teman, and Andreas Burg; four PhD graduates with a background in VLSI design from Bar-Ilan University and EPFL. The startup is looking to scale GCRAM technology for future production in sub-5nm process nodes while adhering to industry standards.

The startup is based in Israel with an R&D center in Switzerland.


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