Niv Bar-on
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Towards M.Sc. in data science

My name is Niv Bar-on, I am a biomedical engineer Towards a master’s degree in software and information systems engineering in Ben Gurion University.

During my degree I specialized in signal processing and over the last year I entered the field of: machine learning, deep learning, computer vision and so on, independently, and on these topics my final project deals.

My final project is about identifying malicious tampering in medical images. As part of the project I created a tumor injection tool for mammogram images using a generative model (GAN),and an auto-encoder-based forgery detection tool.

Expertise: AgritechAIAnomaly DetectionARAugmented RealityAutoMLAutonomousComputer VisionData ScienceDeep LearningDigital HealthDronesMedical Imaging


AI Technologies: Computer VisionDeep LearningMachine Learning
ML Technologies: Semi-Supervised LearningSupervised Learning
AI Tasks: Anomaly DetectionData AugmentationImage ClassificationImage GenerationRepresentation LearningZero-Shot Learning
AI Algorithms: Auto EncodersCNNDeep LearningDeep Neural NetworksEnsemble ClassifiersGANsGaussian Mixture ModelGenerative ModelsK Nearest NeighborsK-MeansLinear RegressionLogistic RegressionPCASignal ProcessingSupport Vector Machine
AI Tools: KerasNumPyOpenCVPytorchSciPyTensorFlow
Coding: CJavaMatlabPython

Academic Background

M.Sc in Software and Information Systems engineering
2020 -
Towards a master's degree in Software and Information Systems engineering.
2016 -
biomedical engineering B.Sc. at Ben-Gurion University, majoring in digital signal processing.
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