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Rna sequencing methods



May 20, 2021

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Described herein are methods for determining a sequence of a region of interest from an mRNA molecule. Sequenced polynucleotides can include a barcode region, a homopolymer region (e.g., a poly-A region), and a target region associated with the mRNA molecule. According to some methods, the barcode region omits the same base present in the homopolymer region. According to some methods, extension of the primer used for sequencing is stalled within the homopolymer region. According to some methods, sequencing flow cycles and the different barcode regions of the polynucleotides configured are such that the primer is extended to the end of the barcode region across the plurality of polynucleotides before being extended into the homopolymer region. According to some methods, two primers or a cleavable primer is used to separately sequence the barcode region and the target region.

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