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Automonous cancellation of insurance polices using a multi-tiered data structure



March 9, 2021

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A policy issuance architecture processes cancellation requests for cancelling insurance policies maintained by the policy issuance architecture. The policy issuance architecture includes several multi-tiered data structures, wherein each multi-tiered data structure corresponds to a particular geographic region. The policy issuance architecture references a particular multi-tiered data structure based on the geographic region associated with an identified insurance policy. The policy issuance architecture uses the particular multi-tiered data structure to populate various selectable fields used to create a cancellation request for the identified insurance policy. After the values of the selectable fields have been selected and/or entered, the policy issuance architecture verifies the values to ensure that the cancellation request has been properly configured. Upon submission of the cancellation request, the policy issuance architecture associates the cancellation request with the identified insurance policy.

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