Pangea will offer AI-based solutions for psychophysiological analysis

The solutions are based on patents developed by Sensority, whose assets were acquired by Pangea, including technologies for Liveness Detection and Visual Stress Analysis (VSA). Pangea will keep developing Sensority's technology in order to integrate it into the company's existing products and enhance the current product to SaaS offering.
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Pangea IT, which specializes in the digital transformation of government, public and business services, has announced acquisition of Sensority’s assets, including patents, technologies and products developed by the company for Liveness Detection and the visual identification and analysis of psychological stress (VSA). The acquisition will enable Pangea to offer AI-based solutions for psychophysiological analysis around the world.

The technology acquired by Pangea analyzes subjects’ stress level based on physiological indicators and detects when, and in response to which questions, the stress level increases. The system analyzes real-time video of the subject’s face and can identify whether the image represents a living person rather than a photo or a deepfake. The system identifies over a hundred different psychophysiological parameters and uses patented algorithms that define the stress level.

During the process, the system provides assessments that include psychological insights based on artificial intelligence. Security officers receive text or audio alerts about anomalous detections and are able to build a psychological profile of the subject in real time. The technology has achieved a diagnostic accuracy of 93.4% and has reduced test time by an average of 86%. In some cases, it will shorten tests to just 12 minutes.

In addition to building a psychological profile, the system is capable of detecting impersonation as well as ID theft and presentation attacks. To do this, it confirms that subjects are living persons and authenticate it to the database.

Pangea plans to add the technology to the portfolio of the products that it sells on the global market and to integrate them into its existing solutions in the field of border control and secure IDs. Furthermore, Pangea has established a new company under the management of Assaf Kaminer, which will develop applications for public safety and government.

“We’re delighted by the major addition of technologies developed by Sensority,” said Rafi Kaminer, founder and CEO of Pangea. “We’re confident that their integration into the company’s current offering will grant us a unique advantage and position the company at the technological forefront of similar products.”

“We recently announced at a conference in the UK the addition of a new AI-based system to our border-control product,” continues Kaminer. “The system analyzes more than 3,000 open-source databases in real time to augment information on travelers. Sensority’s unique technology will join our existing border-control product and serve as another layer in our ability to carry out quick and accurate checks on travelers at border control. Border police will be able to ask travelers a number of predefined questions, such as the purpose of their visit, while monitoring their stress levels. In exceptional cases, poilce will refer passengers over to security officers in an internal interrogation room who will use the system as well. The process will be conducted without holding up the line, will be short and high-quality, and border police won’t have to rely only on their intuition to detect problems.”

Sensority’s technology was developed with a major investment of millions of dollars, and of approximately 100 man-years. Three patents were filed during development, one of which was approved while the other two are nearing the end of the process. To date, the system has been sold in 15 countries around the world.

“The unprecedented congestion at airports and other sensitive points around the world has generated enormous demand for high-quality tech solutions that will shorten and improve the welfare of the passengers,” added to Kaminer. “The unique solutions we’re adding to Pangea’s offering will help cement us as leaders in the field and expand the presence of these solutions in public security.”

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