Panda Trading Systems Unveils New AI Features for Trading Brokerages

Panda Trading Systems Unveils New AI Features for Brokerages. Credit - Panda Trading Systems
Panda Trading Systems Unveils New AI Features for Brokerages. Credit - Panda Trading Systems

Israeli based Panda Trading Systems released its latest development, AI-driven tools aimed to revolutionize brokerage operations, including features like Document Verification, Next Call AI, AI Marketing Campaign and Call Control.

  • AI-Powered Document Verification: At the heart of Panda’s innovative solutions is their document verification module in Panda CRM. Utilizing Google’s Vision AI, it streamlines the KYC/AML process by swiftly scanning and authenticating user documents, reducing the potential for human errors and fast-tracking client onboarding.
  • Next Call AI System: The Next Call AI system fine-tunes sales and retention team’s approach according to real-time customer activities. With alerts for myriad triggers – be it new registrations or card declines – the system proactively enables teams to offer immediate support. This agile system is adaptable to align with any brokerage’s unique goals.
  • AI-Enhanced Marketing Module: By employing Natural Language Processing, their new AI marketing module for Panda CRM offers enhanced personalization. It crafts targeted messages based on users’ preferences and activities, delivering them across various platforms – emails, SMS, or even chatbots. It continually tracks, assesses, and refines campaign strategies for optimal results.
  • Call Control for Enhanced Customer Interactions: For nuanced customer calls, the Call Control module employs AI to analyze call sentiments. Through natural language processing, the feature reveals insights about client interactions that were once left unnoticed.

Founded in 2006 by Maor Lahav and Shmuel Gutman, Panda Trading Systems is bootstrapped with a team of 65 employees.


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