OpTeamizer assists developers to create embedded edge applications using NVIDIA Jetson Platform

The move follows OpTeamizer's recent appointment as an NVIDIA Embedded Edge Partner. OpTeamizer has already assisted over 100 R&D centers in Israel to migrate from the CPU to the GPU world of NVIDIA
Tomer Gal, CEO and founder of Opteamizer. Credit: Olga Savina.

OpTeamizer, an Israel-based company that builds solutions and offers AI consulting to Israeli R&D centers, has been appointed an Embedded Edge Partner by multinational NVIDIA. With its appointment, OpTeamizer will provide consulting, development, and training services to NVIDIA customers worldwide, developing edge devices using the NVIDIA Jetson Platform.

The Jetson Orin family was introduced by NVIDIA and includes a powerful System on Module (SOM): Ampere architecture GPU, ARM Cortex CPU, LPDDR5 memory, highly efficient power management, high-speed interfaces, and more. It offers distinct performance levels, energy efficiency, and form factor to suit each market and industry. 

“The world of artificial intelligence is rapidly shifting towards edge devices, which are becoming smarter and more efficient, while bringing innovation to a variety of industries,” said Tomer Gal, Founder and CEO of OpTeamizer. “Our expertise in NVIDIA GPUs will assist R&D centers in bringing a new generation of edge devices based on the Jetson Orin platform to the market quickly. The platform will serve sectors such as smart cities, autonomous vehicles, drones, AI powered carts, medical devices, and other industries. The possibilities are endless, and we will work with any R&D center interested in pursuing them.”  

In 2018, NVIDIA appointed OpTeamizer as its first education service delivery partner in the Middle East and Israel. The new appointment expands OpTeamizer’s activities within the embedded systems market. The company has been authorized to train, conduct research and development of AI systems, and accelerate performance using NVIDIA GPUs and its software libraries (SDKs). OpTeamizer also provides turnkey development services to businesses that adopt GPU solutions when entering the world of AI.

Tomer Gal and his team assist businesses in migrating from the CPU to the GPU world, accelerating the performance of new GPU systems, developing AI and neural network models, optimizing neural networks, and selecting the relevant hardware for deployment. Since 2018, OpTeamizer has provided a range of professional services and turnkey projects to more than 100 R&D centers. OpTeamizer cooperates with industry leaders in homeland security, healthcare, industrial inspection, and many other sectors.

OpTeamizer was founded in 2015 by Tomer Gal, one of Israel’s leading AI experts, who participated in strategic developments of Intel Israel and General Electric Israel. Tomer has an MSc in computer science and is a member of the Israel Innovation Authority, which evaluates AI startups’ grant applications. He is also a lecturer in artificial intelligence at the Software Engineering Department of ORT Braude College of Engineering.

OpTeamizer offers professional training for developers at R&D centers on NVIDIA’s development tools for the GPU environment, including courses such as CUDA C++, CUDA Python, CUDA for multiple GPUs, Deep Learning for computer vision, and Deep Learning for multiple data types. 

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