nSure.ai’s Real-time Fraud Prevention Intelligence Platform Raises $18 Million Series A to Revolutionize Business in the Virtual Economy

Online retailers of FinTech products, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, games, and others sacrifice 30% of sales due to fraud suspicions. nSure.ai’s real-time fraud protection intelligence reduces decline rates by 90%, using merchant-specific data to approve up to 98% of transactions.

nSure.ai, the world’s first fully automated chargeback guarantee platform, raised $18 million in Series A funding, led by MoreTech Ventures with additional investments by seed-round participants, including DisruptiveAI, Gryffin Ventures, and Moneta Seeds. The funding will allow the company to extend anti-fraud, chargeback-free guarantees while meeting the growing demand from various sectors who are lacking a sufficient fraud prevention system.

As online marketplaces boom, fraudsters are taking advantage of outdated fraud-prevention systems that weren’t developed to manage the sales of FinTech products, crypto, NFTs, and other virtual goods. For digital goods, such as gift cards, gaming, crypto, financial services, and airline tickets, the seller is unable to recoup the lost goods. This forces online retailers to sacrifice up to 30% of sales, making them responsible for lost goods, regardless of their costly security tool. nSure.ai has already proven itself in the prepaid and gaming sectors and is actively securing other sectors, offering guaranteed chargeback protection to all clients.

Blazing the trail for the future of digital transactions, nSure.ai has implemented AI-driven Fraud Prevention Intelligence. This system continuously evolves along with the threat landscape to guarantee that all legitimate transactions are approved, and that ~2% of fraudulent charges are kept out.

“FinTech companies powering wallets and crypto-based services offer an immediate transfer of funds, creating a huge incentive for sophisticated fraudsters and scalable fraud patterns,” said Alex Zeltcer, Co-founder and CEO of nSure.ai. “Standard, e-commerce based fraud prevention platforms are ill-equipped to deal with this new market. Merchant-specific AI models, along with real-time anomaly detection, such as the ones we offer, help these new generation companies  on their growth without taking excessive risk.”

nSure.ai has experienced demand across industries, with customers experiencing up to a 25% uplift following activation. “This round of funding is allowing us to scale our technology along with in-house services,” said Ziv Isaiah, co-founder and CTO. “Our team is growing to onboard more companies, while in parallel, our technology will be able to accommodate more industry-specific requests as we scale.”

“nSure.ai is the first to bring a dedicated product to safeguard merchants selling digital goods – a rapidly growing market, yet exceptionally difficult to protect against fraud,” said Sam Bernstein, Partner at MoreTech Ventures. “Driven by machine learning, nSure.ai’s customers get a customizable solution, maximizes approvals, reduces friction, and a revenue model that is fully aligned with their needs. nSure.ai saw tremendous traction delivering 500% in revenue growth in slightly over a year. Bottom line, merchants selling digital goods need nSure.ai.”

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