NLP Startup Exits of Israel

Daniel Singer
May 12, 2019

Israel’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) startup exits have begun to form clusters of verticals signaling the corporate and investor interest in applications of the technology.

The infographic above represents the NLP startups by their respective vertical. Through analysis, we can list the top five highlights of Israel’s NLP startup exits:

1. There’s been 15 exits in the sector, totaling $670 million in exit considerations.
2. The average purchase price is $61 million.
3. The average funding raised is $7.6 million before exiting.
4. The average time to exit is 6.3 years.
5. Enterprise and Retail sectors are the most active, with five and four exits per sector.

Daniel Singer

Daniel Singer

Daniel is the founder and editor of He covers Israel's AI ecosystem developments through startup interviews and sector analyses.
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