Namogoo Taps Persado’s Generative AI for Ecommerce Staff

Personalized Ecommerce startup, Namogoo, partnered with Persado to harness Generative AI and intent prediction in order to elevate real-time online shopping personalization.

The partnership involves the integration of Namogoo’s advanced machine learning technology with Persado’s innovative Generative AI tool, Dynamic Motivation. The goal is to analyze online shoppers’ intent in real-time, personalize the language and tone of voice used during their shopping journey. This is achieved without the need for additional development effort or manual intervention.

Persado’s Generative AI solution, Dynamic Motivation, is designed to adapt words and phrases to each online shopper, in real-time. It creates a unique and engaging shopping experience, designed to promote customer engagement and increase the likelihood of purchase completion.

Namogoo‘s prediction engine is powered by 1.5 billion unique monthly visitors to leading eCommerce brands across the US and Europe. This data-driven approach provides insights into online visitor intent and behavior, positioning brands to enhance conversion rates and increase revenue.

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