myAir Debuts Generative AI Nutritionist for “Food for Mood” Staff

monitor food for mood myair. Credit - myAir.

myAir, an AI nutrition startup, announced the launch of myAir Nutrition Coach, the world’s first Generative AI nutritionist focused on the “food for mood” concept.

After conducting extensive scientific research into the impact of functional nutrition on mood, myAir developed an innovative AI solution that uses complex algorithms to analyze physiological and psychological indicators, providing 24/7 personalized nutritional support tailored to individual profiles.

The platform is accessible through chat applications such as WhatsApp and Messenger, and facilitates an effortless integration into daily routines. Leveraging Generative AI, smart devices, and proprietary algorithms, myAir’s Nutrition Coach provides real-time insights and bio-feedback that enables users to create personalized nutritional plans. The startup’s focus is to simplify well-being practices and pave the way for effective stress management.

Established in 2019 by co-founders Rachel Yarcony and Dovev Goldstein, the startup is the culmination of collaborative efforts of a scientific team from UC Berkeley, Stanford, McGill University, and Israel’s Technion. To date, myAir has raised $6 million in funding from investors such as Chartered Group, iAngels, TAU Ventures, and Entrée Capital.

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