Multinational Corporations With AI R&D in Israel

Daniel Singer
June 10, 2019

Israel is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) hub for corporate innovation. There’s over 90 multinational corporations (MNCs) in Israel with research and development dedicated to developing AI technologies, like computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing, or speech recognition. Through organic recruitment or startup acquisitions, MNCs employ over 1,400 AI professionals (data scientists, machine learning engineers, AI researchers, etc.) in Israel. Considering there’s more than 4,400 AI professionals and 120 AI startup exits to date, Israel is cementing its role as a global AI leader and a target of corporate interest.

The infographic above represents the MNCs in Israel categorized by the vertical in which they operate. Hover over a corporation’s logo to view their corresponding AI-related snapshot (activity description, AI team size, AI stack, and key AI employees).

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Daniel Singer

Daniel Singer

Daniel is the founder and editor of He covers Israel's AI ecosystem developments through startup interviews and sector analyses.
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