MOV.AI Launches Cutting-Edge Cybersecurity Tools for Autonomous Mobile Robot Fleets with Latest Robotics Engine Platform™ V2.3

MOV.AI, a leading provider of autonomous mobile robot (AMR) software, has announced the release of Robotics Engine Platform™ V2.3, which is specifically designed to address the growing need for robot security. This latest version includes advanced cybersecurity tools that are cutting-edge, ensuring that fleets of autonomous mobile robots, humans, and organizations are kept safe and secure.

As the use of robotics increases in various industries, cybersecurity has become a critical concern for companies. While AMRs offer a new level of automation and autonomy to the warehouse floor, they are also vulnerable to cyber-attacks due to their growing computing power and network connectivity. In addition, AMRs are complex systems comprised of 3rd party software and hardware components, which increases the possibility for security vulnerabilities.

MOV.AI’s CEO, Motti Kushnir, stated that “Addressing cybersecurity threats today is a basic requirement of any enterprise software. This is even more important for AMRs due to their potential risks. Our team has been working hard to provide enterprise-grade cybersecurity tools that can help our customers keep up with the evolving threat landscape.”

To address growing security concerns, MOV.AI’s Robotics Engine Platform™ V2.3 includes advanced cybersecurity tools such as system hardening at multiple levels, secure communication, local data encryption, user authentication and authorization, and vulnerability tests across the software lifecycle. With the addition of these advanced features, the Robotics Engine Platform™ V2.3 provides a greater level of protection for fleets of autonomous mobile robots, making it an ideal choice for businesses operating in logistics, manufacturing, healthcare, and other industries.

MOV.AI’s Robotics Engine Platform™ separates software from hardware, providing both AMR manufacturers and automation integrators with enterprise-grade tools for advanced automation. AMR manufacturers can quickly develop and differentiate their robots while automation integrators can deploy in days, not months, and ensure secure, uninterrupted operation in constantly changing business and operational environments.

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