Mona Introduces New Automated Exploratory Data Analysis Tool

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Atlanta, GA & Tel Aviv, Israel – February 14, 2023

Mona, the leading intelligent monitoring platform, introduces today a new automated exploratory data analysis tool to identify the root-cause of anomalies in multivariate datasets. This new product is designed to streamline and simplify the data analysis process for organizations.

“As organizations increasingly rely on data to inform their decision making, they need more efficient and accurate data analysis tools,” said Yotam Oren, CEO and Co-founder at Mona. “We’re excited to make Mona’s cutting-edge analytical capabilities more accessible to more data practitioners.”

AEDA insights. Credit: Mona.

Multivariate data analysis has long been a challenge in today’s data-driven world, but Mona’s new solution changes that. Mona is the first tool to automatically identify segments in multivariate datasets that exhibit anomalous behaviors while avoiding noise and false positives. By correlating key findings with other relevant metrics in the dataset, Mona is able to provide a comprehensive understanding of underlying patterns to determine the true cause of the issue.

“In many industries, a significant part of analysts’ work is to find the specific segments in which metrics underperform, and then understand the reason behind it,” said Itai Bar-Sinai, CPO & Co-founder at Mona. “We created the first-ever algorithm to automate this process on any multivariate dataset.”

Using Mona, organizations can significantly reduce manual work hours required to sift through large datasets, conduct exploratory analysis, and generate insights that will drive decision-making. With just a simple configuration, Mona has the ability to take any tabular dataset and automatically surface specific outlier segments. Mona is completely free and easy to use, making it accessible for organizations of all sizes and across any vertical. Simply upload a CSV file and let Mona do the rest of the work. Get started using Mona’s automated exploratory data analysis tool today by signing up on the website.

About Mona 

Mona is the developer of a leading intelligence and analytics platform, taking a novel approach to anomaly detection in multivariate datasets. The company’s automatic exploratory data analysis tool is enabling analysts and data scientists to draw granular insights faster and by that drive more efficient operations and more effective research. Founded in 2018 by product leaders and operators from Google and McKinsey & Co., the company is backed by top VCs, with offices in Tel Aviv and Atlanta.

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