MLOps open source Allegro Trains rebrands as ClearML with zero-code implementation

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$11 M

Enterprise data science company Allegro AI continues to lead in the MLOps industry with the expansion of the scope of their platform offering concurrent with the rebranding of their open-source Allegro Trains tool as ClearML. Allegro AI has released a managed service for ClearML and released new capabilities that enable data science teams to better manage their experiments, data, and orchestrate workloads.

The ClearML platform is a managed and free-hosted open source tool, and can be implemented with zero-code, enabling all teams to leverage DevOps-like operations and processes within their data science workflows.

“During 2020 and right through the Covd-19 pandemic we grew by an average of over 20% month over month,” said Nir Bar-Lev, CEO and co-founder of Allegro AI. “We’re excited to kick off 2021 with over 1,000 organizations currently using ClearML across the globe.”

Users of the open-source ClearML platform span many sectors, including Healthcare, Government, Security, Automotive, Industry 4.0, Robotics, Defense, Internet, and Telecommunications.

“If you’re a data scientist, you can now use ClearML not only to run your training jobs, but also to setup a virtual development environment on your organization’s compute cluster, from anywhere. You can use ClearML to develop, orchestrate experiments, manage and version your data, and build pipelines, for all your MLOps needs,” added Bar-Lev.

As public and private investment funding continues to flow into AI technologies worldwide, the level of business adoption is on the rise. According to a recent Mckinsey survey, 50% of business executive respondents have adopted AI in at least one business function.

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