Lynxight Partners with Champel Capital on $6 Million Round for Aquatic Risk Management

Champel Capital is excited to announce that Lynxight, an AI aquatic safety and analytics service, has recently joined its investment portfolio, having co-led the investment round with Boresight, and joined by Aristagora VC, Open Valley, Gil Midyan and others. The company helps manage and mitigate safety liability at sport & leisure facilities, empowering lifeguards in preventing drowning while supporting pool operators and insurers in ongoing risk assessment and management. 

Champel Capital is a VC focusing on deep, disruptive technologies that have a substantial long-term impact on society.

Lynxight seamlessly blends advanced pool safety with the ease and reliability of a service. Facilities with standard security cameras and Wi-Fi can connect pool staff and lifeguards to the platform to receive real-time smartwatch alerts on swimmer distress behavior, drowning risk, and pool overcrowding, as well as track swimmer count, location, and density for a 360 operational view with live metrics. Data analytics on pool activities serve for collaboration with insurance companies and risk management programs, providing unprecedented visibility into aquatic exposures.

“Lynxight is the future of water safety,” said Amir Weitmann, Managing Partner at Champel Capital. “It combines the best of AI and machine learning and has formed a simple, revolutionary service to address unexpected risks and unnecessary tragedies. Adoption rates are amazing, and I am looking forward to seeing what the future trajectory holds for this company.”

Lynxight serves some of the most prominent commercial pool operators from 10 countries across the U.S., Europe, Australia, and Asia – including its home base, Israel – alongside forming partnerships with global insurance companies.

“We are proud to join Champel’s portfolio of companies,” said Omer Bar-Ilan, CEO & Co-Founder of Lynxight.” Champel Capital’s vision of investing in companies that are using technology to impact everyday life and respond to real market needs is admirable. We are excited about how this round of funding will help us scale for the future.”

“Using AI to manage aquatic risks is a game-changer for the industry and sets the bar for a new safety standard,” said Eyal Amit, CCO and Co-Founder of Lynxight. “Not only does our service immediately enhance guest safety at the pool, it creates clear financial advantages for facility managers and insurance partners. A simple win-win-win that makes sense for all parties involved.”

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