List: Israeli Startups That Integrated with Large Language Models (LLMs)

A list of Israeli startups that integrated Large Language Models (LLMs) into their product offering. LLMs include GPT3.5, GPT4 and LlaMa for instance. This list of Israeli startups showcases those...
ㅤCompany NameStatusFoundedSectorStageFundingEmployees
AquantActive2016Industrial, Optimization, Service Recommendations, Predictive Analytics, Service Operations, Customer Service, Customer SupportSeries C$112.6M150
ARMOActive2018Enterprise, Open Source, Kubernetes, Cyber SecuritySeries A$34.5M55
AvoActive2017HR, EnterpriseSeries B$84M175
Belong.LifeActive2014Healthcare, Patient Data, Risk Analytics, Oncology, AppSeries B$14M59
BigIDActive2016Enterprise, Cyber Security, Personal Identifiable Information, Data ProtectionSeries D$246.1M552
BigPanda.ioActive2012Enterprise, Information Technology (IT), Service Operations, AIOpsSeries E$306M343
The company logo of Bright DataBright DataAcquired2008Enterprise, Data, Business Intelligence, Internet, VPNSeries C$34M
CloudinaryActive2012Media, Management, VideoSecondary Transaction$110M451
CynerioActive2019Healthcare, Cyber Risk, Cyber Security, IoTSeries B$37M68
DataRailsActive2015Fintech, AccountingSeries B$105M163
The logo of DBmaestroDBmaestroActive2015Database, Enterprise, Analytics, DevOps, DevSecOpsSeries B$7.5M24
Dot ComplianceActive2007Life Sciences, Compliance, QualitySeries B$23M127
DremioActive2015Data Lake, Virtualization, SQL, CloudSeries E$410M340
The company logo of ElementorElementorActive2016 Website, DevelopmentSeries B$65M370
The logo of FiverrFiverrPublic2010Gig Economy, Internet, Marketplace, FreelanceSeries D$105M750
ForetellixActive2018Automotive, Connected Vehicle, Tools, TestingSeries C$91M117
FullpathActive2012Automotive, Car Dealership, Marketing, Advanced Targeting, Sales, Customer Engagement, ProspectingSeries C$40M142
The company logo of HarmonyaHarmonyaActive2021Retail, Manufacturing, DataSeries A$25M27
Hello HeartActive2013Healthcare, Mobile, Blood, Blood Pressure, GlucoseSeries D$136M265
The company logo of HoopsAIHoopsAIActive2018Fintech, Trading, Insights, InvestingBootstrapped5
IdomooPublic2007Media, Video, Personalized, Video Content PersonalizationSeries B$27M
illumex.aiActive2021Data, Data Analytics, Enterprise,  Data Governance, Data ManagementSeed18
Intuition RoboticsActive2015Healthcare, Senior Care, AssistantSeries C$89M74
IRONSCALESActive2013Enterprise, Cyber Security, Incident Response, Threat Detection, Email Security, Phishing, FraudSeries C$93.5M151
KahunActive2018Healthcare, DiagnosticsSeed$8M26
KubiyaActive2022DevOps, Enterprise, Assistant, Conversational AISeed$6M19
Liquidity GroupActive2016Fintech, Financing, Credit, Credit LendingFunding Round$40M135
Orca SecurityActive2018Enterprise, Cyber Security, Cloud, ComplianceSeries C$632M505
Perception PointActive2015Enterprise, Cyber Security, Incident Response, Phishing, Malware, Threat DetectionSeries B$38M123
ProntoNLPActive2021Fintech, Intelligence, No Code, InvestmentsBootstrapped3
Pyramid AnalyticsActive2008Enterprise, Intelligence, Analytics, Decision IntelligenceSeries E$186.5M229
Rep AIActive2019E-Commerce, Voice Assistant, Voice AI, Retail, SaaS, Content, PersonalizedSeed25
Riverside.fmActive2020Podcast, MediaSeries B$47M172
Skyhawk SecurityActive2022Cyber Security, Cloud, Threat DetectionStrategic$35M28
SolvoActive2020DevOps, Cyber Security, Development, Enterprise, CloudSeed$3M29
SparkbeyondActive2013Technology, AI Enablers, Core AI, Predictive Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Analytics, AutoML, Fraud, Location Intelligence, Customer Insights, EnterpriseFunding Round$35M83
The logo of SQreamSQreamActive2010Analytics, Enterprise, SQL, Database, Data Lake, Data, Data AnalyticsSeries C$118.2M122
SundaySkyAcquired2006Media, Video, Personalized, Publishing, DSPSeries D$76M173
SwimmActive2019Enterprise, Development, Knowledge ManagementSeries A$27.6M60
TipaltiActive2010Fintech, Enterprise, Accounting, Invoice, Accounts Payable, Remittance, PaymentsCredit Facility$703M1017
Tomorrow.ioActive2015Technology, Weather, Prediction, ClimateSeries E$259M230
TonkeanActive2015Enterprise, Intelligence, RPA, Workflow, AutomationSeries B$81.2M66
The logo of TorqTorqActive2020Enterprise, DevelopmentSeries B$78M125
The logo of vcitavcitaActive2010Enterprise, CRM, ProductivityFunding Round$30M178
VicariusActive2016Enterprise, Cyber Security, MalwareSeries A$30.2M52
WireMockActive2022Enterprise, API, DevelopmentSeed$6.5M10
The logo of WixWixPublic2006Internet,  WebsiteSeries D$53.5M

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