List: Generative AI Startups in Israel

A list of Generative AI startups in Israel. These startups develop their own AI technology, utilizing algorithms like GANs, LLMs, VAEs and Transformers.
ㅤCompany NameStatusFoundedSectorStageFundingEmployees
The logo of 3Dfy3DfyActive2019Technology, Computer Vision, 3D, Augmented Reality (AR), 2D 3D, Synthetic Data, Retail, Gaming, Autonomous, 3D Modeling, Generative AISeed6
AiodeActive2021Music, Generative AI, MediaPre-Seed8
AIPowerActive2022Generative AIBootstrapped
AnywordActive2013Generative AI, Automated Text Creation, Internet, Artificial IntelligenceSeries A$30.1M111
apprentAIActive2022Legal, Generative AIPre-Seed3
Art AIActive2019Media, Art, Content Creation, NFT, Generative AISeed$1.8M3
AskVirgilActive2023Enterprise, Data, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Generative AIBootstrapped
The logo of Astria AIAstria AIActive2022Media, Generative AI, Video, Video CreationBootstrapped0
The logo of Atomic LabsAtomic LabsActive2023Enterprise, Artificial Intelligence, Generative AI0
Augmented Intelligence (AUI)Active2017Assistant, Sales, E-Commerce, Generative AISeed109
The company logo of Blend AIBlend AIActive2022Generative AI, Sales, Customer Support, Enterprise, No Code, RevenuePre-Seed
BoredActive2022Art, Generative AI, NFT, Web3, MediaBootstrapped
BotikaActive2018Media, Augmented Reality (AR), App, Personalized, Fashion, Generative AISeed19
BRIA Artificial IntelligenceActive2020Synthetic Data, Technology, Generative AI, Image, Photo EditingBootstrapped41
The logo of BridgewiseBridgewiseActive2019Fintech, Investments, Equity Research, Analytics, Generative AISeed$19.5M34
BuildAIActive2023Generative AI, Development, Enterprise, AppBootstrapped2
The logo of CannyAICannyAIInactive2017Technology, Computer Vision, Video, Deepfake, Generative AIBootstrapped4
Cart TuneActive2022Retail, Generative AI, BrandBootstrapped
The company logo of ChecksumChecksumActive2022Test Automation, Enterprise, Development, CI/CD, Quality Assurance, Generative AISeed0
The company logo of Colleen AIColleen AIActive2021Proptech, Management, Generative AISeed$3.5M14
Cyclops SecurityActive2022Enterprise, Cyber Security, Generative AISeed$6.4M19
CyeraActive2020Cyber Security, Data, Enterprise, Generative AI, Data Loss PreventionSeries B$156M118
CypagoActive2020Enterprise, Cyber Security, Generative AI, Governance, Compliance, Information Technology (IT)Series A$13M34
DaatAIActive2023Generative AI, No Code, SaaS, AutomationBootstrapped
Dataspan.aiActive2022Generative AI, Data, EnterprisePre-Seed5
DatomizeActive2020Data, Synthetic Data, Privacy, GDPR, CCPA, PII, Generative AISeed$6M17
The logo of DeclaraiDeclaraiActive2023Enterprise, Generative AI, Code, DevTools, Development
deepdubActive2020Media, Language, Content, Dubbing, Localization, Generative AISeries A$26M53
The company logo of EdWithAIEdWithAIActive2023Education, Generative AI
EvermindsActive2023Generative AI, Enterprise, Automation, WorkflowBootstrapped
FignelActive2022Enterprise, Development,  Website, User Interface, Design, Generative AIBootstrapped7
FineActive2023Generative AI, Enterprise, Development, Code,  AI Agents, Software Development, DevToolsBootstrapped3
FinityXActive2018Fintech, Investment Fund, Investments, Generative AISeed$5M10
The company logo of Flexor AIFlexor AIActive2022Generative AI, Data Analytics, EnterpriseSeed
Geenie.AIActive2023Generative AI, Amazon, E-CommercePre-Seed$1M6
GenrateActive2022Generative AI, Marketing, WorkflowBootstrapped
GlossaiActive2021Generative AI, Media, Video, Video CreationSeed$8M33
GuiddeActive2021Technology, Software Development, Enterprise, Generative AI, Knowledge, DocumentSeed$6M16
Hear.AIActive2023Generative AI, Conversational AIBootstrapped
The logo of Hedgify AIHedgify AIActive2022Fintech, Generative AI3
The company logo of Hogen AIHogen AIActive2023Artificial Intelligence, Generative AI
Hour OneActive2019New Media, Creation, Synthetic Media, Avatar, Metaverse, Generative AISeries A$26.5M72
iBrainyActive2021Generative AI, Gaming, EducationBootstrapped2
ImagenAIActive2020Photo Editing, Personal, Media, Generative AIGrowth$30M115
Impro.AIActive2021Enterprise, Coaching, Generative AIBootstrapped20
IteraiteActive2023Generative AIBootstrapped
The logo of KAMI ComputingKAMI ComputingAcquired2016 Human Machine Interaction, Generative AI, Conversational AI, Artificial Intelligence, VoiceBootstrapped4
The logo of Leo AILeo AIActive2022Generative AI, 3DSeed4
The company logo of Life-MedicLife-MedicActive2023Healthcare, Generative AI, Hospital, Physician
LightricksActive2013Technology, New Media, App, Photo Editing, Video Editing, Content Creation, Generative AISeries D$335M550
The company logo of Lizzy AILizzy AIActive2023Generative AI, Legal,  Contract Generator4
LooraActive2020Education, Personal,  Tutor, Language, Generative AI, Conversational AISeed$9.25M24
LycheeActive2021Generative AI, Podcast, Video, Media, AudioPre-Seed12
Marvinn.aiActive2023Generative AI, Enterprise, Cyber SecurityBootstrapped
MISTRIXActive2021Augmented Reality (AR), Beauty, Personal, App, Generative AIBootstrapped6
MunchActive2021Content, Video, Audio, Generative AISeed15
Octo AIActive2023Generative AI, Customer Support, E-Commerce, RetailBootstrapped
OctupActive2022Customer Retention, E-Commerce, Analytics, Generative AIBootstrapped3
One AIActive2020Artificial Intelligence, NLP, Technology, API, Generative AISeed27
OneViewAcquired2019Technology, Synthetic Data, Space, Satellite, Image Processing, Data, Generative AISeed$3.5M7
The company logo of Onside AIOnside AIActive2021Generative AI, Healthcare, Regulation
Opt-AIActive2023Retail, Generative AI, FashionBootstrapped
Opti.ioActive2023Generative AIBootstrapped
OvermatterActive2022Generative AIBootstrapped
PeechActive2019Media, Video, Generative AISeed$8.3M22
PlayoActive2023Gaming, Generative AIBootstrapped
The company logo of Prompt SecurityPrompt SecurityActive2023Enterprise, Cyber Security, Generative AI
Quantum IntegrityActive2017Cyber Security, Media, Deepfake, Generative AIBootstrapped5
RenovAIActive20192D 3D, 3D Recognition, AR VR, Retail, Recommendation Engine, E-Commerce, Generative AI, DesignSeed$3.6M24
ResumatorActive2023Generative AI, Recruitment, PersonalBootstrapped
saywhattActive2022Generative AI, RetailBootstrapped3
SDR-GPTActive2023Generative AI, Sales, EnterpriseBootstrapped
Second NatureActive2018Sales, Coaching, Enterprise, Conversational AI, CRM, Generative AISeries A$15.5M48
Sefirot AIActive2022Generative AI, Gaming, User Generated ContentBootstrapped2
seniorita.aiActive2023Enterprise, Generative AIBootstrapped2
The company logo of SettSettActive2021Gaming, Generative AI, Infrastructure, Development1
SighteerActive2019Marketing, Brand, Customer Engagement,  Content Recommendation, Generative AIBootstrapped4
SkeepActive2019E-Commerce, Shopping, Generative AIPre-Seed$3M13
SkipprActive2022Design, Digital, Generative AI, App, DevelopmentPre-Seed13
SloydActive2021Generative AI, 3D Modeling, MediaBootstrapped16
Smart NPCActive2023Gaming, Development, Generative AI, AvatarBootstrapped
The company logo of SnowmateSnowmateActive2021Development, Enterprise, Software Development, Generative AI, No CodeSeed
Storywise AIActive2022Publishing,  Books, Media, Generative AIBootstrapped
TabnineActive2013Enterprise, Development, Software, Coding, Generative AI, DevToolsSeries B$30.1M47
TagadoActive2020Customer Intelligence, Enterprise, Generative AI, Business Intelligence, Customer RetentionSeed$4M12
TastewiseActive2017Food, Decision Making, Consumer Analytics, Generative AI, AnalyticsSeries A$23.5M80
theGistActive2021Generative AI, Enterprise, Slack, CommunicationPre-Seed$7M12
TodaleActive2022Generative AI, Customer Service, EnterpriseBootstrapped2
TraceloopActive2022Enterprise, Development, Open Source, Generative AI, Artificial Intelligence,  LLMOpsPre-Seed3
Tymely AIActive2021E-Commerce, Customer Support, Generative AISeed$7M30
UpwordActive2019Education, Personal, Generative AI, Text, Automated Text CreationSeed$2M23
The logo of VincoVincoInactive2022Generative AI, Enterprise, Data Science, Development,  LLMOpsBootstrapped1
Visual LayerActive2022Technology, Database, Artificial Intelligence, Generative AI, Data, Datasets, Computer Vision, Open SourceSeed$7M14
VSL LabsActive2021Generative AI,  Communication Impairment, Communication, LanguagePre-Seed9
WandActive2022Generative AI, Enterprise, Automation, No Code, Customer ExperienceBootstrapped130
WebullarActive2022 Website, Internet, Generative AIBootstrapped2
Wild MooseActive2022Enterprise, Development, Observability, Logs, Generative AI, Conversational AIPre-Seed4
xFind.aiActive2018Enterprise, Artificial Intelligence, Search Engine, Search, Customer Support, Generative AIPre-Seed$3M12
XoltarActive2020Enterprise, Customer Service, Virtual Agent, Customer Interaction, Generative AIPre-Seed12

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