Senior DevOps Engineer

Cloudinary was founded in 2012 to solve a simple problem: making it easy for software developers to manage images programmatically with code.

Today, Cloudinary is the image and video technology platform that enables the world’s most engaging brands to deliver transformative visual experiences on a global scale. Nearly 10,000 companies rely on Cloudinary’s cloud-based product suite – built for developers, digital product owners, creatives, and marketing leaders – to effortlessly manage the lifecycle of visual assets and bring their imaginations to life.

Cloudinary’s DNA is in the developer world. The company built a passionate following among developers by offering the most powerful APIs in the industry – and investing in the documentation and technical resources to make every software engineer successful. That’s why over 1.2 million developers today rely on Cloudinary to bring their imagination to life.

Join our R&D team as a Senior DevOps Engineer. Define and create operations… tools and processes for a massively scalable system, backing 10,000’s of the world’s busiest websites and apps, which will hopefully grow to become the media backbone for the whole Internet.

We offer a fun and supportive environment in which you will constantly learn and evolve, and where your ideas will be embraced and pursued.

• The responsibilities of this role include managing live production environments and handling ongoing monitoring and troubleshooting of failures. The position also involves providing architectural solutions for complex data and processing requirements involving large-scale systems and rapid growth. Managing the live environment from server infrastructure all the way to applicative image management layers is also a key part of the job. Other tasks include implementing system monitoring procedures, designing and implementing the system’s network topology, and developing various solutions according to R&D and production needs. The role also requires working closely with R&D teams to enable delivering features to production and being part of a 24/7 production support on-call rotation.

• Experience with large-scale SAAS production systems.
• Experience working with a 24/7/365 high-traffic web service.
• Major cloud provider (AWS / GCP / Azure).
• Kubernetes (EKS).
• Infrastructure as a code (Terraform / CDK / Pulumi).
• CI/CD tools – (Jenkins/GitHub actions or similar).
• Configuration Management tools (chef/ansible or similar).
• Scripting knowledge – (python/go/bash).

It would be awesome if you have experience with:
• Elasticsearch
• Databases (Mysql especially)
• Ruby-on-Rails/Node.js
• Web development
• AWS Certifications

Cloudinary is proud to be an equal opportunity employer dedicated to pursuing a diverse workforce

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Senior DevOps Engineer