Lead Data Scientist
Lead Data Scientist
Posted October 5

You’ll be expected to:
• Mentoring and managing data science team and leading all Neura data science and
data analysis capabilities and efforts
• Develop new and innovative behavioral models to enrich Neura’s AI capabilities by
using prediction, detection, clustering, supervised and unsupervised and any other
type of models and techniques.
• Analyze large amounts of data and bring insights to inform our product and improve
existing models.
• Had hoc and lean start -up modelling and algorithmics for new product lines.
• Be responsible for monitoring model performance and accuracy.
• Work closely with our product team and engineers to bring your models to
• Become familiar with our data collection process and work closely with engineers
developing new data sources.
• Working closely with product and business side for understanding and defining and
analyzing Neura core product features and their demonstrations to customers.

Position Type
Seniority Level
Degree Required
Coding Languages
Python SQL