Data Scientist
Data Scientist
Posted April 26

Agrematch is a data-driven discovery start-up in the field of agriculture, located at the Rehovot science park. Our disruptive, proprietary AI technology is bringing the chemical space into high resolution, discovering new beneficial compounds for agriculture products.

We are expanding our computational team, and are looking for a full-time, skilled, enthusiastic data scientist to join our growing team.

Job description & key responsibilities:
* Invent, build, and test predictive models and creative machine/deep learning algorithms
* Establish new systems and processes that improve performance and data flow
* Be an essential part of a multi-disciplinary team of computer scientists, chemists and agronomists

* Hands-on software engineering experience with proven AI/ML knowledge
* Excellent coding skills, with an appreciation for elegant and clean code in several languages and technologies (R, Python, Linux)
* Keen interest in biology, chemistry, bioinformatics and the various computational challenges they pose – an advantage
* Excellent understanding of machine learning/deep learning techniques and algorithms
* Strong problem-solving skills
* Proficiency in using legacy and modern databases and query languages
* Experience working with AWS services, including: S3, DynamoDB, EC2 – an advantage
* Creative, out-of-the-box thinker, self-motivated, not shy to lead, and responsible team player

Position Type
Seniority Level
Coding Languages
Python R
10 Menachem Plaut, Park HaMada, Rehovot